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Sunday, February 27, 2011

When Sonia told me...

It was a dark and stormy ni....oh wait, wrong kind of story telling.

I get to write about something of interest to me; not some boring paper I am BS'ing my through. This is the story of how I learned I was going to be a father!

There were couple weeks left until Christmas and Sonia and I were getting ready to leave for San Francisco. Sonia was doing some laundry. I was packing a suitcase. Sonia had wrapped this oddly shaped present and placed it under our undecorated Christmas tree. I could see it was the size of a CD but it had a weird bump on it (turns out it was a pregnancy test). I did not think anything of the gift. I figured it was a Christmas present. Then from the back room, Sonia hollers out to me that she has a present for me to open early. I jokingly replied, "Why? Is it important? Is it a pregnancy test?! hahahaha!"

Little did I know. Heh.

Sonia tried to play it off with a "Noooooo. You just need need it before we leave for our trip." I figure oh okay, it's probably something Seahawks related for the game then if I have to have it before we leave. Maybe she got us something special for the game.

Sonia hands me the gift and I sit down to unwrap it. She grabs the camera. I unwrap the gift but do so in a way that I did not see the note on the CD or the pregnancy test. I saw the top of the CD, "Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions of TOOL."

First, I thought, wow, that is pretty cool that someone made a CD of TOOL lullaby songs. Then I thought wait...lullabies? Then I thought, why would I need this now before the trip? It hit me. I unwrapped the rest of the gift to find the *positive* pregnancy test! My face lit up in shock and excitement! I was going to be a father! A dad! Sonia and I were going to have a baby!! After a moment of letting it soak in and register in my brain, I jumped up and hugged and kissed my wife, Sonia.

I then sat back down to let this moment soak in and that's when I read the note Sonia wrote on the CD. "To help raise the Rossman baby right!" Rossman baby. Raise the Rossman baby. It sunk in even more. We were going to start a family.

Somewhere in the last few minutes my eyes teared up. I thought maybe some onions had been chopped because my eyes were watering. =P

My beautiful, wonderful wife, the love of my life, was now also the mother of my child. I was ecstatic to know we were going to be starting a family together. I was also cautious of the journey ahead. Now began our hopes of a healthy baby and momma.

My parents were now grandparents. Sonia's parents were now grandparents. My brothers had become uncles. Our family was growing by one - our first child, their first grandchild, their first nephew or niece. We now had to think of a great, creative way to tell our family the news.

-- Tony

When I Found Out...

Early December, I was starting to feel different. I don't quite know how to explain it, but something just felt a little off with my body. My usual night owl self would get so tired at around 9 o'clock, hours before I usually would fall asleep or even head to bed. I would find myself feeling light headed and even a little sick. Now, Tony and I had decided to stop using birth control after our first wedding anniversary trip back to Cancun, Mexico...and I start to think to myself, "Could I be pregnant?!" I always wanted to be able to surprise Tony with the news, so I made a plan to purchase a pregnant test on the sly. We were coming up on our second away Seahawks game to San Francisco with our friends (And tol celebrate my birthday!) and I knew I needed to find out if I were pregnant before this trip and the partying.

On Wednesday,December 8, after I got home from work, I took a pregnancy test. Sitting there waiting the results, all I could think about was how surreal this was. Was this really happening? What would I do next if it's positive?? About a minute later, the test had two little pink lines on it. It was a YES! I sat there in the bathroom for a few minutes just in shock. I could hear Tony on his computer in the office finishing up on homework and I wanted so badly to run in there and tell him!!!! I was going to be a mother! He was going to be a father! Better sense came over me, and somehow I was able to keep my mouth shut. The following day, I took another test just to be sure. A different brand and again I got the same result. It said "PREGNANT". I really wanted to be able to verify with a doctor before I told Tony, but like I said we were leaving the next day for 3 days in San Francisco and I was going to need his help keeping it a secret and not make it seem weird that I wasn't drinking.

Months prior to this I came across this amazing CD of TOOL lullabye cover songs. It was so Tony! I purchased it just to keep on hand. Well, it was time for it to be handy! I took the CD, the positive pregnancy test, added a little note that said "To help raise the Rossman baby right. Coming August 2010" and wrapped it all up as an early Christmas present.

I placed the gift under our Christmas Tree and called Tony out to the living room and told him he needed to open this one early. He jokingly said "Why? Is it a pregnancy test". I thought to my self, "What?? Did he ruin this surprise!?" But he was totally kidding, and when he opened up the present his face changed from confusion of trying to understand the message, taking in the CD, and then the positive pregnancy test. He looked like a little kid! Shock, happiness, a look of "Is this for real?!" He then grabbed me for a big hug and we celebrated together. This was one of those moments I'll remember for the rest of my life :) The start of a new adventure...that we would take on together as we have everything else in our lives.

I couldn't imagine another man I'd want to be the father of my baby, and I'm so excited for all that we have to look forward to. Finding out we were going to have a baby, was a changing moment. Life was already different. Thoughts of holding a little me+little Tony in my arms, watching he or she grow, and do all those first things was EXCITING! I hope to take the amazing examples set by my Mother and my Grandma and be an amazing mother to our little one. I'm so happy that the baby will have a wonderful family to surround it, not just by blood, but our amazing friends as well!

Later in March we will find out the sex of our little all just becomes more real! Knowing that I have a little baby growing inside of me is an indescribable feeling, and a blessing that we do not take for granted. Thanks for reading and following our baby blog! I promise lots more fun updates from doctor visits, pictures of the growing bump, and lots more.