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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Maternity PhotoShoot: Teaser Pics

Sonia and I had a maternity photo shoot last Tuesday with Justine Shelton at Golden Gardens Park.

We had a great experience taking these pictures to capture the final moments of Sonia's first pregnancy with little Ethan Alistair. We had a lot of cool ideas and Justine captured them all! We can't wait to see the final product of the whole shoot. Until then, she posted 8 teaser photos!

Here are the teaser pictures she posted on her blog last Friday. (click them to enlarge to high-res)

Thank you very much Justine! These look great!! We're looking forward to the rest =)


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Baby Pool!

Let's have a little contest. Let's see who can predict when baby Ethan Alistair will be born. The winner will receive a gift card (I have to coax participation out of you all somehow). I think I have a Starbucks gift card lying around on this desk. I wont ever use it so maybe someone else can. =P Win win huh? If you hate Starbucks (like I do) then maybe we can work something else out.

Before we get started...a few dates. We think the due date is around August 10 or 11. Doctor said August 18, but then also said Sonia could be a week late (August 24 or 25).

SO! What do you think? When will Sonia and I's son be born?

(Ties will be broken with a random drawing and you have to post your guess as a comment on this blog for it to count -- so, please do not post it as a comment on our Facebook pages) =)

Shower & Shower

Sonia, Ethan, and I had our baby showers recently. We decided to split our baby shower into two groups to make it easier to plan. So we had a shower mainly for friends and one for family.

Our first shower for our friends was thrown by Kali with help from Sonia and I's moms. We had a lot of good food, great people, fun games and activities, and thoughtful gifts. Our friends and family colored a personalized alphabet book for Ethan. We had sheets of paper with a letter and an object on it. Each of friends and family took a letter and used their artistic skills on it to put together a book. We'll post a pic of it once it is finished.

We also played a couple other games where everyone used play-doh to create a baby. There were many creative entries. It was a pretty cool idea! (pics to come). Another game was the taste-the-baby-food-and-guess-what-it-is. Jimbo and I dominated that game between the two of us. Really fun. Apparently I wasnt supposed to eat so much of the baby food! haha. What can I say, some of it was good! =P

Now for some pics...

Kali unveiling the name!


The HAPPY parents-to-be!

Kali (thank you for everything!!) and her sis, Sonia. Cameo by Mr Akana

Our second shower, for our family and some friends, was thrown by my Mom, Tina, with help from Sonia's mom and dad, Kristi and Greg. Again, we were surrounded by great people, yummy food, fun games, and showered (pun intended) with more gifts. We played a couple games -- a baby word themed word unscramble. I technically won but couldn't claim my prize since the attendants were the contestants not me, but it was still fun. My cousin Chris and friend Matt ended up tying and played Rock, Paper, Scissors in which Chris won. Chris' wife, Jovon, won the diaper raffle. We then played a game where we guessed what items were in the paper bags. We could feel and shake the bag to see what was in it. Michelle ended up getting every item correct and won the game and prize! Another game we played was where we guessed Sonia's waist size by cutting a piece of ribbon, without any kind of measurement.

Annnnnnd, some pictures!

We got a diaper cake! These are pretty cool!

Intense game of Rock, Paper, Scissors!

I'm proudly rocking that boobies/breast feeding apron! haha

Sonia and I with Ethan's awesome custom, hand-made Seahawks teddy bear!

We want to thank EVERYONE for taking time out of their lives to share in this moment in ours. We really appreciate that and of course we also appreciate your graciousness with the gifts (thank you cards are coming soon, we swear!). We also want to thank Kali Akana, my mom Tina, my dad Jay, Sonia's mom Kristi, and Sonia's dad Greg for all they did to setup these baby showers for us. We are very grateful to have you in our lives, we love ya!!! Everything was excellent! Thank you Thank you THANK YOU!

Nursery Update!

Hey everyone!

Ethan Alistair's Dad here! Been awhile. Here are some updates on "Project: Room Resurrection." Here are a few BEFORE shots of the room, the nursery.

(Reminder, click pics to enlarge them if you want.)

Dingy white walls. Dusty, dirty hardwood floors. Grimy vertical blinds. Clutter. Lots of clutter. Ugly, outdated light fixture. Lots of work needed...

And now for some AFTER photos!
Clean, crisp baby blue paint with clean, crisp white trim. Clean, shiny hardwood floors. No more vertical blings. Clutter removed. Ugly, outdated light fixture to be removed soon. Just a few finishing touches remain...

New Baby Italia Eastside style crib and dresser (doubling as changing table). Cubby style bookcase full of Ethan's books. New shag area rug. And lots, lots more!

Many thanks to my Dad Jay for painting and helping de-clutter and to Alex Akana for helping me put together the crib, bookcase, and of course, the dresser (haha). Thank you to Sonia as well for helping decorate, clean up, etc. And thank you to all of you who gave us gifts for baby Ethan and his room! We appreciate it very much!!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Wow. This has been neglected. (BUMP UPDATE)

So life has gotten CRAZY BUSY. This poor blog has been neglected. We have had both of our baby showers, and I'm now 33 weeks pregnant. I can't believe how fast time is flying. But fear is a baby bump update from 31 weeks. And we will have TONS of new posts coming with the nursery work, and thoughts from Mom and Dad about how this pregnancy has been since the last posting. I hope you are all doing well..and thank you again for subscribing :)