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Friday, August 26, 2011

Dear Ethan,

Hey little man!! It's your Dad. I'm sitting here in our birthing suite at the hospital with you Mommy, Grandmas, Grandpas, and Auntie Kali. We had a little hurdle to over come in the beginning but you and Mommy have been doing awesome ever since!

Mommy toughed out her active labor for a really long time. We got to the hospital around 6pm and she finally decided to get some relief and chose to receive an epidural around 5am. When we first arrived the plan was to help you and Mom by inducing labor but you two had other plans. Contractions came well enough to not need any medicine! Awesome job you two! Shortly after, we discovered Mom was dehydrated and this was causing you some stress. Your heart beat was dropping to 90 bpm and this concerned us all. So Mom was given a fluid IV and you guys recovered well.

The contractions kept on coming, getting stronger, lasting longer and coming closer together. Everything was progressing nicely. Of course this meant Mom had more pain as you descended down the birth canal. This is around the time the family arrived to support us. Then we decided to watch a movie and try to relax. So we put in Toy Story. Good movie. You'll see. ;)

Mommy was then checked to see how she was progressing and you two were doing very well! However with the progress comes more pain. Mom pushed through many contractions with Auntie Kali and I's help. After awhile though Mom decided to get some help, some relief and received an epidural. And that is where we are now. You and Mom are getting some rest and sleep after a long day.

We are all so close to the finish line! Later today we should all be meeting each other. I meet my son. You meet your Father. Mom meets her son and you get to meet your Mother. Grandmas, Grandpas, Aunties and Uncles will get to meet you and you get to meet them. We are all so excited to meet you but in due time. You and Mom get some rest and when you wake up we will continue kicking butt and we will become a family.

I love you Ethan. Mommy loves you too, Ethan. See you soon little guy!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ethan...we're waiting...

Still no sign of Mr. Ethan Alistair Rossman joining the family soon. His original due date was August 10 but then after his first ultrasound, the tech thought he was undersized for 20 weeks and pushed him back to 19 weeks meaning his new due date would be Aug 18.

We're right in the middle of those now. Maybe the due date is 8/10 and he's just a week late? Maybe the due date is 8/18 and he'll be early? Or late? *cringe* (I dont think have the patience for this option).

We had an appointment with our midwife on Friday and told her all the symptoms Sonia has been having. All of them pointed towards early labor and Braxton Hicks. They suggested he is coming soon -- could be a few days and could have been that night. Well, we know it wasnt that night (dang it too, because I was hoping he would be born on the 12th to rep the Seahawks 12th man).

Will he be here soon? Maybe. I sure hope so! C'mon Ethan, come meet everyone!! We're all anxious to see you.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Baby Week 37

So I haven't taken a skin photo since Week 31 (BAD MOMMY) but there really hasn't been that much of a change. Only two short weeks until my due date...and we are both SO excited to meet our little man!!

I am a ball of feelings....EXCITED, anxious, scared, and very emotional. I can't believe very soon we will finally be holding Ethan in our arms, and can see what he looks like. Tony thinks I've started nesting. I've been very into cleaning and organizing things, which if you know me well, know that is NOT part of my personality ;) So it'll be interesting to see how soon he comes after my nesting kick...

We have a doctor's appointment tomorrow, but other than that, there is really nothing new to update. We're gathering things for our baby bag, finishing up his room, and just getting our house situated for the invasion of a newborn.

Thank you again for all your love and support through this exciting adventure with us.