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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ethan. His Development. Fatherhood. Awesomazing.

Knock Knock.  Anyone still there?  It's been 3 months.  Facebook kind of kills the need to blog more.  Sonia and I end up updating more on there then using our blog.  In the sense of looking back on this as a journal, I/we will continue to blog.  It would be nice if there were more blogs, but we'll do the best we can.

So, Ethan, man, he is amazing.  Being a father is awesome.  Being a father to Ethan is awesomazing!  He is developing so much over the last few months and it is remarkable to be a parent and watch your child develop.  Watching him learn new things and then applying them to his every day life has been an outstanding experience.  Over the last few months he has learned how to sit up without any support.  He does still topple over sometimes and bonk his head on the floor, his toys, etc but for the most part he sits up pretty well.  Think about that.  I am commending Ethan on sitting up, something we all take for granted.  As a parent though, seeing your child learn something like sitting up is an achievement!  It is weird how that changes.  I would hear or read about my friends child(ren) achieving things like sitting up, walking, talking, etc and thinking "thats cool" but not thinking much more of it.  Well, when it is YOUR child accomplishing these new things, it is a big deal.  If you are a parent, you get what I'm saying.  If you aren't a parent, you are likely doing what I used to do; thinking "that's cool" and not fully grasping what I'm saying.  Anywho onto other things Ethan has learned...

Ethan has also learned how to crawl.  He does an army crawl all over the living room and down the hallway.  He hasn't quite learned he can prop himself up on his knees and crawl that way yet.  Along the same time he learned to crawl, about a week or two earlier, he learned to roll over; tummy to back and then back to tummy.  So he would roll a few times to get somewhere...then he learned to crawl.

One hilarious memory I recall that really cemented the notion in my brain that Ethan knows how to crawl is when I was watching him on a Wednesday (I will work from home and watch Ethan).  I left the living room to go to the bathroom and put my contacts in.  As I am putting my contacts in I hear Ethan in the hallway and he is grunting and breathing heavily.  He was in full army crawl and doing all he could to follow me to the bathroom from the living room.  Its like a 20 foot crawl and he was wearing himself out to follow Daddy.  So upon hearing him breathing as if he were exhausted, I poked my head out the door and saw him in the hallway.  I started laughing at the sight of seeing him in the hallway, he looks up at my laughter and smiles back at me as if to say, "Look Daddy!  I did it!"  It was adorable and hilarious.  I had to snap a pic of him in the hallway and send it to Sonia so she could share in the moment.

The newest feat Ethan has learned is pulling himself up on just about anything, stable or not, and standing up while holding on to whatever he pulled himself up on.  He gets this big smile on his face once he realizes he is standing up.  He knows he is doing something new and its an achievement and cracks his big cheesy grins.  This of course has led us to adjusting his crib so the mattress is at a lower height so he doesnt stand up on the rail and fall out.  With the rate he is growing (which is fast by the way, at 6 months, which is now a month ago, he measured 29 inches tall and almost 22 lbs.  Off the charts in both areas) I get the feeling I will be adjusting the crib's height again very soon.  Also, once he learns something new like sitting, crawling, and standing, it is all he wants to do.  When he learned to sit up, laying down on the floor was no longer an option.  He had to sit up.  Once he learned to roll and crawl, staying in one place was no longer an option.  Now he can stand, so sitting and laying are much less preferred.  Even when we change his diaper or get him dressed he wants to flip over on his tummy and crawl away or stand up.  So those tasks have become tougher.  We now have to fight his urges to crawl and stand.

He is also starting to "talk" more.  He is upping his performance of his baby gibberish lately.  To which I just throw some gibberish back at him and we "communicate."  HaHa!  Who knows what we are saying but its been cool hearing him "talk" more.  One last thing I've enjoyed seeing my little goomba man learn is recognizing me when I pick him up from my mom's house once I leave work.  When he sees me, his face lights up and he gets so happy.  We play for a bit, hang out, and then head home so we can wait for Mommy to get home so she gets to experience that great feeling of Ethan recognizing her and being happy to see her.  With that, I'll end here, leave work and go enjoy this very experience of seeing Ethan recognize me and seeing his face light up.

More to come soon, hopefully...stay tuned!  Thanks for reading!  =)