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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Firsts! Many of them...

First, you’ll have to forgive me, forgive us for being MIA on this blog. Apologies for not making time in the last 3 months to not provide an update outside of our small, quick posts on Facebook. It’s like riding a bike…I’m jumping back on, so let’s go!

Many events have happened since my last post in mid September. Ethan’s first Halloween – first pumpkins, first costumes, first experience but better ones are to come once he gets older.

Ethan’s first Thanksgiving – first turkey, first feast, well witnessing it anyways as he only got a small finger dab of sweet potato as a treat/experiment, first Thanksgiving Day football games, first family get together at the holidays.

Now, his first Christmas – first Christmas tree, first stocking, first Santa photos, first time seeing Christmas movies (we haven’t watched any yet but we will), and of course first time opening gifts and getting together with the family for Christmas.

Besides the holidays, we have had a few other nice firsts. First photo shoot, first Apple Cup, Mommy’s birthday, first time meeting some Seahawks, first time meeting some great Seahawks fans, our friends, family, first time meeting Nessa coming up from California, first time teething, first time discovering he can use his hands to reach out and grab things like his toys, first time actually playing with his toys, first time discovering his feet and that he can grab them, first story times, and several other firsts, I’ve listed enough. ;-)

Seeing my son develop has been a life-changing experience. It is so interesting to see him learn new things we adults take for granted, like touching our feet, using our hands, smiling, laughing, etc. It’s hard to explain to people who do not have kids but there is just something awesome about sharing those little things; little to us, but so monumental to him. Fatherhood has been amazing and I wouldn’t trade anything for it. Ethan is such an awesomazing child so far. I love that little guy with all my heart. His smile is contagious and his love is infectious. I just love being around him and look forward to many more firsts…and seconds…thirds…thousands.

P.S. Feel free to shoot me any questions on my feelings/opinions on things that have happened thus far. I’d be happy to expand upon a topic and write about it. Thanks for reading!

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  1. This is the sweetest post! It is so evident how smitten you are with your little man. Sonia and Ethan are so lucky to have someone to love and care for them so well.